Bright Start Child Development Center

Bright Start offers children a unique learning culture.
Our outdoor & indoor environments have a structure & esthetics for learning,
where materials become ‘thinking tools’ that intrinsically motivate children.

COVID-19 safety precautions

Our COVID-19 protocols meet or exceed the recommendations from the Santa Barbara Department of Public Health

OUR Programs

Preschool &

It consists of three groups with separate classrooms with a ratio of two teachers per fifteen-sixteen children.


It consists of one Toddler group with a separate classroom with a ratio of three teachers per fifteen children.

Parents as Partners



marcela caceres portrait

Marcela is the founder, director and pedagogical coordinator of Bright Start Child Development Center. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marcela has been working with children for over 37 years. She always dreamed of creating a school with an intentional and strong value system based on Early Childhood Education best practices. Bright Start is designed to support and empower the whole child, including their families and the staff, to create a community of lifelong learners. In addition, Marcela studied the Role of the pedagogical coordinator with Red Solare, Argentina, and is a long time member of NAREA (North American Reggio Emilia Alliance). She has visited Reggio Emilia, Italy, on several occasions and leads workshops related to the Reggio Approach in Southern California. She has implemented the Reggio approach into Bright Start’s philosophy since 1999 and continues to be in dialogue with Reggio Children and other educators worldwide. Above all, Marcela is passionate about creating meaningful environments where children are inspired, loved and able to achieve their highest potential.

Red Solare, Reggio Children, West Coast Collaborative, Reggio Alliance NAREA (North American Reggio Emilia Alliance).


All teachers at Bright Start hold Child Development degrees and regularly participate in professional development training. Our educators are in dialogue and consultancy with Reggio Children and the West Coast Collaborative. Some teachers have also attended conferences at Reggio Children in Italy. Professional Development is one of our fundamental values.


Bright Start’s environments and materials become a ‘culture’ that communicates BELONGING, WELLBEING, COLLABORATION & PARTICIPATION, offering children a range of growth and success opportunities.


Our qualified teaching staff help children develop self-reliance, creativity, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and deep connections to each other, their environment and the natural world.

OUR Values

We value the image of children as collaborators, critical thinkers and citizens of the world.

We value the environment as a third teacher.

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