Bright Start Core Values

We value the image of children as collaborators, critical thinkers and citizens of the world.

We value the environment as a third teacher. We believe an aesthetic environment stimulates and inspires children, teachers and the community. We value a mindful way of being in relationship to our self, the environment and each other.

We value a strong connection to nature. We believe we are continually being shaped by our environment. We foster a caring concern for the world around us by nurturing this relationship to the natural world.

We value a strong connection and partnership with families and the community. We support a constructivist approach to teaching and learning based on listening and relationships. We are guided by the principles of teaching and learning together.

We value collaboration. As lifelong learners we are committed to continuous education for our entire staff through initiatives and workshops in the states and abroad. We share our knowledge to the wider community, including other educators.

We value a reflective practice consisting of documentation where children and teachers are present, intentional and reflective listeners. We strive to make our practice visible through documentation by showing children’s capabilities and possibilities. Our desire by doing this is to elevate the image of children and show the meaning to their work. This documentation also serves as a bridge between school and home by connecting their work and ideas to the many possibilities and experiences outside of school.

We value learning as a process of individual and group construction. Each child constructs their own knowledge and this is supported by strategies of research, comparison of ideas and co-participation.

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